Handling, maintenance, planning, designing and every aspect of the construction is supervised by a professional building surveyor. This is to make sure that the building construction is going on smoothly and if any problems occur, then it should be dealt with immediately. This also includes pre-planning the project which makes it even more secure. The professional who has to carry out all these tough tasks is called a chartered surveyor. They are highly trained and adroit professionals which monitor and maintain the project from start to finish. This is the reason why the construction work is considered to be risky and incomplete without that level of professional supervision.

Hiring a surveyor is a sane idea because a professional advice is always invaluable. For instance, for plant and machinery valuation you need a valuation surveyor without which you cannot proceed. Same is the case with the building surveyors. Now the important concern of everyone would surely be about finding a chartered surveyor whom you can trust and is the specialist in their field. Following tips can prove to be helpful for you.

Discuss in a detailed way about the plan

Any surveyor that you want to choose should be able to communicate well by giving you a reasonable time. For this, you need to have a detailed conversation with them. In the conversation, you must ask about the plan for the whole project. You should let them know about your choices and concerns and thereby noticing their interest and level of knowledge. You can figure out by the attitude and communication skills of the surveyor that whether they are going to work smoothly and reliably with you or not.

Check the previous survey reports

In the conversation or a few initial meetings, you can politely ask about any record about their previous work. The surveyor should keep all the survey reports as a record. A professional surveyor would definitely keep and will not hesitate in showing their records.

Discuss the terms and conditions

Chartered surveyors in Dubai are always reliable enough to discuss all the terms and conditions without hiding any detail. You need to read and discuss them carefully. In case of any reservation, you will be able to change the decision before the deal is done.


The chartered surveyors should have all the required certificates of the relevant field. They should be registered with and have a certificate obtained from RICS which is ‘Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors’.

Flexibility in costs

A good surveyor must be able to provide you with a service at a reasonable price. They should be able to show a great flexibility so that the costs are kept according to the affordability.