Are you looking for a step-by-step guide to install floral wallpaper in Sharjah? Wall coverings have become popular nowadays especially with floral themes. Many homeowners love this type of theme that can beautify their living room. To decorate your walls, you need to know how to properly install your wall art.

Make sure you have the required material:

Before you start installing, make sure you have all the needed materials. This includes adhesives, backing paper, foam or felt board, scissors, drill, tape measure, and rubber mallet. You may also need different types of clamps for different sizes of the wall and pattern you are going to apply. For your wall art, you need to buy a large piece of canvas that is flat, so it will be easier to install the art. It is recommended to prepare the wall space before you start decorating it. Prepare the area by cleaning it thoroughly and wiping it with a damp cloth to remove all dust or dirt.

Mark the walls where you are installing wallpaper:

The next step in the process of installation is to mark the wall where you are going to install the floral wallpaper. You can use a dry-erase marker or pencil to write the design. You can do this on the inside or outside of the wall. After that, remove the paper from the wall using a dry towel or a scraper.

Prepare a floral pattern on the wall:

Now you can prepare the floral pattern on the wall. Take a clean dry piece of paper and spread a thick layer of adhesive on the newspaper. Gently apply the adhesive on the wall and let it stay for about 30 minutes to set. After that, peel off the paper from the wall using a scraper.

Carefully mark the outline of the design on the wall:

Another step in the process of how to install floral wall art is to carefully mark the outline of the design on the wall. You can use a pencil to do this. Then, apply another layer of art adhesive and wait for it to dry before you are painting. To add some depth to the wall, you can use contrasting paint colors. And the last thing you have to do in painting the wall is to see to it that the area where you are going to put the trim is clean and smooth so that it will be easy for you to attach the trim at the end of the art.